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Mirror meetings in Courts in the Netherlands

Organising Feedback from Court Users

  • Auteur-e-s: Martijn van Gils / Philip Langbroek
  • Catégories d'articles: Forum
  • DOI: 10.38023/4b4f71a1-0ef1-4877-821b-4fcb02441988
  • Proposition de citation: Martijn van Gils / Philip Langbroek, Mirror meetings in Courts in the Netherlands, in : «Justice - Justiz - Giustizia» 2020/2
This article discusses mirror meetings, a feedback method that is used by the Dutch courts. A mirror meeting is a meeting in which participants (court users) give feedback on the functioning of an organisation (the courts), while professionals (judges, clerks, etc.) are also present but are only allowed to listen (not to react). In this article, we describe the results of research conducted on the functioning of mirror meetings in the Netherlands’ judiciary. The article focuses on the organisation of mirror meetings, the feedback received during mirror meetings and the implementation of feedback by the courts.

Table of contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Netherlands’ judiciary
  • 3. Mirror meetings as a feedback tool
  • 4. Research and methodology
  • 5. Organisation of mirror meetings
  • 6. Feedback
  • 7. Evaluation and implementation of the feedback
  • 8. What do judges think of mirror meetings?
  • 9. Summary and reflection